Birthday Cake

Since our friends decided to BBQ in the back yard... we celebrated together with other 30+ people, which turned to be the best party I have ever been to.

We had a crowd of mix backgrounds... Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Albanian, Romanian, Samoan... and I think they were others too... but talked to so many I don't remember.

There was so much food and so many kinds that every little dish was an experience hard to forget.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera home and have no pictures at all. Luckily a friend had a good phone camera and I got these shots for posterity.


  1. happy birthday for your mister! superb tortul,cuisinette!i-a placut?sau oricum e obisnuit numai cu bunatati facute de tine?te pup si o zi buna sa ai!

  2. Thanks for a good recipe for Christmas cake, still an interesting article about Christmas Cakes

  3. Hi there,
    I am not sure what would you like me to do for you.
    My guess is that you think this is a Christmas Cake... it is not.
    However I can see how this could be a Christmas Cake since I've used green and red fruits.

    Thank you for visiting my page, please come again and enjoy your stay.

  4. very good pictures, the cakes are the same, I guess...congrats!


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