Chocolate Mousse Cake

A lady friend is celebrating her 104 Birthday tomorrow and I made this chocolate cake she loves so much.

It is a long process to make this cake but very worth it.
The biscuit is striped vanilla génoise, inside 2 layers of chocolate génoise sprinkled with caramel rum syrup and filled with chocolate mousse.

It is very good and rich... got to be eaten in moderation.

And few samples... I had to play a little.

I made the mistake to roll top part of the cake in powdered chocolate, and it looks a little "dirty" on the génoise...


  1. Multumesc, draga mea... sa stii ca nu te-am uitat dar n-am avut timp de computer deloc.
    Cumva tot te alegi cu reteta tortului.

  2. wowwwwwww, vi ce frumusete !
    asta e arta!

  3. Merci mult Roxy.

    Hey cum sa nu tin minte. Ma bucur ca iti plac.
    Mai vin-o pe la mine cu placere.


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